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General Counsel

Vineyard Legal Services can also serve as your outside general counsel. Oftentimes, companies find themselves to be just large enough to encounter a significant number of legal issues, but not so large as to pay a full time, in-house general counsel to advise them. This is where Vineyard Legal Services can help.

Outside general counsel are hired not only for their legal acumen and advice, but also for their experience and contacts. They make appearances on behalf of their clients at meetings, negotiations, and in court, and handle the initial stages of disputes to which the client is a party. General counsel also know when, where, and how to hire and supervise the appropriate team of lawyers for any matter that requires specific experience and resources beyond what the general counsel may be able to provide. In such cases, a general counsel acts as a liaison between the attorneys and the client and supervises the attorneys’ work so that the client can keep its focus on its operations.

Vineyard Legal Services has significant experience in the realms of litigation and the supervision of outside litigation counsel. As general counsel, Vineyard Legal Services works on a retainer and hourly cost basis; therefore, you are not stuck paying an annual salary for counsel who may be twiddling his or her thumbs when there is no work to do. Vineyard Legal Services’ principal, Philip W. Vineyard II, is licensed as an attorney in Florida, Georgia, and California; has supervised litigation or litigated matters himself in the states of Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, and Delaware; and has a substantial number of legal contacts in the states of New York, Louisiana, and Illinois. In short, Vineyard Legal Services has the experience, acumen, and contacts across the country necessary to ensure as much as possible your company’s well-being.